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Project Description

Project Brief –

The Exchange Restaurant and Wine Bar is a popular hotspot for tourists, families and business people during the day and a place for gathering and eating socially at night. Our objectives when dealing with the rebuilding of the exchange website was to find a way to share information with customers. When looking at processes within the business, our aim was to reduce the workload of staff members in areas of customer service and recruitment by using software. We wanted to recreate the brand image and make it reflect the style of the restaurant and what it has to offer. The customer’s ability to browse and share menu’s, as well as engage with useful content delivered to them directly through social media channels, was paramount to creating an effective Inbound Strategy.

The Exchange


Skills Needed

Our team developed a strategy that met the needs of our client and their customers. We created a platform using WordPress that integrate with the HubSpot CRM to limit costs and maximise return. The site had to be fast and reliable able to withstand many customers browsing at once. We had to create a social media strategy that would empower the marketing staff to deliver on fresh content. We wanted to create a brand that was modern and authentic. The site had to be SEO friendly ensuring that The Exchange Restaurant was a key player for people deciding where to go for a meal or drink.

Website Design
Hubspot CRM
Campaign Execution
Content Marketing

Great Execution

We developed a website using a premium WordPress method that delivers fast, affordable solutions for small businesses looking to improve their online presence. The site is fast with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) loading elements from various URLs to allow us to have high-quality images without compromising speed. The customer relationship management tool brings a new level of customer service and understanding. The pictures and design of the website generated from the interior decor of the restaurant and our photographer delivered stunning images to create an authentic brand. We created a video using the images communicating the benefits of the exchange. We also created content such as ‘The Exchanges Guide to Wine Selection which has great feedback and reaches on social media as an interesting and relevant piece of content.

Excellent Results

The Inbound Marketing Strategy has worked extremely well for The Exchange. The brand is better recognised, we have to increase footfall to its full potential, streamlined processes for recruitment and communication. ¬†As well as this the owner expressed an increase in staff satisfaction giving the team a better connection to the company and what it stands for making them and their customers’ evangelists for the brand.

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