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Project Description

Project Brief –

The Irish Dancing Shop (previously Fascinatin’ Rhythm ) was a retail shop selling bespoke Irish Dancing clothing and accessories. The company was experiencing trouble with their user experience, a lack of customers and the previous platform was difficult to manage. We had to create a platform that would automate processes and give the best user experience on every device. It had to get found online and provide an brand that customers could trust as a reliable distributor.


Skills Needed

Our team developed a strategy that met the needs of our client and their customers. We decided to rebrand the business to make it more in line with the brand of the company. We used creative storytelling to appeal to different markets, showcasing the history and the knowledge of the owners. We wanted to rebuild the client side to make it easy as possible for the staff to add new products and created original algorithms that calculated shipping costs. We redesigned the entire layout of the site to make it easier and more SEO friendly for products to be listed. Our goal was to create a minimum amount of clicks from product selection to purchase using smart technology to remember user data.

Website Design
Custom Software
Email Automation
Social Media Marketing

Great Execution

We developed a custom website with a minimal back end to minimise effort adding products and maximise SEO. The client can easily add and manage things on the website. The timeline we created of the owners’ career evoked emotion in users, made them engage more with the brand and created a talking point amongst Irish dancing enthusiasts. This made the company the expert in the field. The email marketing automation has driven a great number of sales with minimum effort allowing constant updates presented in a beautiful branded HTML email.

Excellent Results

The Irish Dancing Shop has continued to perform and grow organically online. Sales have exceeded expectations and the site has had no downtime since we have launched. We continue to improve this site based on data from users. Understanding what customers want and how they search for products has allowed us to continually improve conversion rates for the site.

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