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Project Description

Project Brief –

TerraNua owns MyComplianceOffice and has been providing SaaS to large companies, banks and financial institutions to help the regulate their business since 1990. We had a goal to redesign all marketing aspects of the firm. The company had existing relationships with designers and had a marketing team. Our task was moving the business from traditional marketing to inbound. We had to analyse existing audiences and potential customers to utilise a strategy that integrated with their sales team. We had to create content that would keep existing customers happy as well as attract new potential buyers online.


Skills Needed

We have been working with the MyComplianceOffice/ TerraNua Team since November 2015, since then we have completed a full rebrand of both businesses. We developed new strategies including creating buyer personas with a focus on inbound digital marketing,  provided a new system for the team to create blogs and gain new customers via e-mail, streamlined the nurturing leads process. We created tailored landing pages depending on search results and users, dramatically improved SEO, ran competitions, increased social media engagement, and created a process for continuous improvement using data and heat map tools, and reporting with quantifiable results.

Website Design
Hubspot Development
Campaign Execution
Content Marketing
Digital Strategy

Initial Concept Planning

Understand your potential customers
Plan for efficiency and best results

A Smarter Approach

Launch quick and improve
Investment spread out over time
Launch on-time and on-budget

Optimising Results

Data-Driven Decisions
Month-over-month improvement

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Great Execution

My role in the web development was key when working with MyComplianceOffice not only to design and build the website but to meet the objectives of sales team through the content, call to action buttons and smart forms to collect useful information that would enhance the sales process and the marketing strategy. We engaged remotely using project management tools such as basecamp and communicated regularly with team members using online video chat.

We developed a way of making marketing material quantifiable that allows us to accurately report. I used a/b testing, customer surveys and heat maps to improve the site’s performance based on facts rather than assumptions. This allowed us to accurately measure increases in the value of the website and offer clear reporting to our client. We have created visual Adword campaigns with the Google team and MyComplianceOffice to deliver targeted landing pages based on user demographics with a great return on investment.

Excellent Results

The campaign has been very successful, and the business has achieved and exceeded all milestones for the project within the first year. The results are commercially sensitive but the Chief Customer Officer is happy to discuss these should you need verification. The successful KPI’s included website traffic, return visitors, cold and warm lead development, sales opportunities and ultimately sales.

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