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Project Description

Project Brief –

In 2016 we met with Universal Studios to discuss ways in which we could help a popular London Group from the 90’s, Soul 2 Soul,  with launching a new album and creative ways we could generate a ‘buzz’. The project had to reconnect with fans who had lost touch with the band and generate interest to the launch of their new album on iTunes.


Skills Needed

We decided to create an interactive timeline that would create a sense of nostalgia in their target market. We used images and scenes that people would remember as well as introduce some lesser known facts about the band. We created a branded that kept with the original style but put a modern delivery on it. The platform was built for several different devices, to engage the user and make it easy to share.

The project was a massive success driving sales and re-engaging a lost audience. The platform grew organically as people shared with their friends the memories of the band.

Story Telling
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