SureDatum HubSpot Growth Driven Design and Development

SureDatum HubSpot Growth Driven Design and Development 2017-06-27T09:21:20+00:00

Project Description

Project Brief –

SureDatum is a leading Oracle License Management service that has developed an innovative asset management software to help their clients better manage and save money on their licensing bill. They approached us with a goal of redeveloping their brand and developing a digital strategy to generate new leads and engage clients by providing them with expert information making them the go-to experts in their field. We had to develop an infrastructure that allowed them to gather information on and build a relationship with their customers by being the first to give.




Skills Needed

From our strategy, we designed a brand that showed the user the personal aspect of the service provided by SureDatum. Our approach to a clean brand and an optimistic yet trustworthy colour scheme invokes potential customers to see that SureDatum understands their needs during what can be a very stressful process. It shows the diversity of the brand and insight into the company culture.

We used our SEO skills to position the SureDatum brand to rank on the first page for all their most useful keywords. Competitor analysis using the HubSpot Keywords tool allowed us to position the brand to generate leads that tap into great opportunities.

Website Design
Hubspot Development
Digital Strategy

Initial Concept Planning

Understand your potential customers
Plan for efficiency and best results

A Smarter Approach

Launch quick and improve
Investment spread out over time
Launch on-time and on-budget

Optimising Results

Data-Driven Decisions
Month-over-month improvement

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Great Execution

Our role in the web development was key when working with SureDatuom not only to design and build the website but to meet the objectives of sales team through the content, call to action buttons and smart forms to collect useful information that would enhance the sales process and the marketing strategy.

We delivered a platform that allowed SureDatum to generate great leads and provides their sales team with a CRM that has prepopulated useful customer information to give them an insight into the customer’s interests and needs. The CRM allows SureDatum to build and structure their customers depending on their interests to only provide them with high-quality information. This allows the team to save time by giving the potential customer what they want. We built a platform that allows the SureDatum marketing team to build useful content that makes them the industry leader in their field of expertise. The platform is fast and responsive to all mobile devices providing their users with a great experience.

Excellent Results

The successful KPI’s included website traffic, return visitors, cold and warm lead development, sales opportunities and ultimately sales. We created a brand that is modern, recognisable and more in line with the brands culture. This platform gave SureDatum the tools they need to expand their business from Ireland across Europe and America.

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